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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Timeline for U.S. Government’s TOTAL CONTROL of Your Health

[Natural News]: Now, we just suffered two years of FAKE NEWS and the real Deep State trying to wage a coup to overthrow the duly-elected President of the United States of America, and they all think they got away with it Scott free. Just how deep does the deep state go you want to know. This is how you protect your life, your health, and any wealth.

This was also a huge distraction, fomented by staged plots and hoaxes meant to wage social wars in our country, so nobody will think about their health, their rights, or their environment. We’ll all forget about our businesses and our land and our organic gardens. All we’ll do is hate Trump and welcome the most insane government overhaul this country would ever see, and this will destroy all agriculture inside of 12 years. That’s no conspiracy theory, it’s science and economics.

What’s next for America, if Trump loses a year from November, or some insane Communist/Socialist/Demoncrat takes over four years after that? When they have the guns and the medical records of who’s denying vaccines, they will wage all-out war on Conservatives in this country, and you can bet your life that concentration camps are next.

Anything you posted on social media that was “hate speech” over the past years will be the tally for indictments against you. You will be served, fined, bankrupted, medicated, lose your home and business, and recorded as a criminal and traitor of the State. Don’t think so? Every liberal city in America is headed toward total devastation, and more>>>...

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