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Friday, 26 April 2019

Most people now think artificial intelligence poses a threat to the human race, study claims

[David Icke]: The number of people who fear artificial intelligence is on the rise. A new poll of 1,004 registered voters in the U.S. found that 57 percent of them believe AI is a 'threat to the human race.'

The findings demonstrate the increasing skepticism around AI, which has made its way into many of the devices we use today, from cars to cellphones. The survey was conducted from April 17th to 18th by political analyst and pollster Scott Rasmussen and market research firm HarrisX.

In addition to the 57 percent who believe AI is a threat, approximately 43 percent disagree and believe it's not something to be worried about. Of the 57 percent who consider it a threat, some 16 percent of them doubled down even further and indicated they believe it's a 'very serious threat.'

Rasmussen noted that the number of respondents who consider AI a threat has risen three percentage points since more>>>...

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