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Saturday, 27 April 2019

The Worst Is Yet To Come: The Climate Change Scaremongering and Other Agendas

It's been known for a very long time that the deeply mentally sick globalists have been wreaking complete havoc and mayhem on Planet Earth. They have been doing this for their own benefit. There is no concern, on their part, for the well being of human kind and the biosphere we know as Planet Earth.

The more chaotic and the more destructive their actions are the better; the more bloodshed and human suffering; so be it. That has been their modus operandi ever since their very first ancestor set foot on this planet; ever since their first ancestor summoned the first demonic force. It has been since the Golden Age; ever since the schism. Ever since chaos took ownership of this planet.

So, if these same sick individuals suddenly issue orders to 'help save the planet' and 'we need to vaccinate human beings to save human lives'  then we should know these schemes are not for the benefit of mankind. We should be VERY wary of these trojan horse tactics. For many, there is wariness; but for the majority there is not. Gullible and naive souls who totally trust governments and news outlets; who fully believe that everything is a conspiracy theory; are actually buying these deadly agendas.

The psychopathic globalists are only in it all for themselves; their intention for centuries has been to depopulate the planet and gain fully control over human robots. Why they've had to take so long to get to where they are, is still a mystery. Why they have to undertake problem-reaction-solution and be so underhand, is still a mystery.

But we are where we are. And they have met with an awakening population; they are meeting with considerable resistance. This is why in 2019 ... and from now on ... they are going to hit mankind with all that they can. It's why the frightened sheep are being herded by totally raging hyena. They are intent on brainwashing mankind enmasse into its own graves. They are forcefully making mankind have to do their bidding. More so than ever. It is a major risk on their part. It does indicate things are not going to plan. But it does not mean they are defeated.

There is still considerable firepower in their ammo hut; and we've not seen the worst yet. The 20,000 satellites is a real worry. The plan to create a 5G cloud is a very sinister, and likely, reality. How mankind can survive with all that EMR beaming down to earth is not known. Neither is it possible to realise what the real reason for this is. Most certainly 5G is not for mankind's benefit. It is not 'Mr nice globalist laying on super fast internet for a race that is totally hated'. 

Our theory is a very scary one. And it relates to this version of earth being a virtual reality where what we see is what EMR frequencies tell us to see. There is a chance that earth on a higher vibration has been over-run with the same predator force and there is a similar '5G network' around that world. Somehow we have all been connected into this virtual world and are unable to escape. There is a chance they are going to switch on another virtual reality within this one using the 20,000 satellites and the 5G cloud.

If that is the fate that awaits us ... then it is something we have been facing on higher vibrations. And each time we are beamed into another virtual reality we lose more awareness and connection with the true universe around us. Until we reach a point where our consciousness can never escape. That is what is so scary and sinister about all of this ....

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