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Friday, 26 April 2019

The Doorway To Eternity

The best way to say it, is this .... I've been looking around on social media recently; Facebook and Twitter mainly; and there is tons & tons & tons of BULLSHIT. The human race appears to be embracing the 'fear factor'; they are letting the myths and the disinformation get into their consciousness. It's shaping their perceptions and creating the future that the crazy globalists are striving for.

They work with a mixture of 15% truth and 85% lies ... they are behind many of the conspiracy sites and the negative voices on websites and social media platforms. They are creating the anti-truth and the fake news. They are creating real disarray, deliberately.

AND, human minds are falling for it!

Half of what we feature on here from certain 'conspiracy sites' are added with a large sprinkling of rock salt! It's taken on face value and the 15% truth found within the article.

Things are not how they appear to be. There is a real drive by the crazy globalists to totally demoralise humans. Make them think the earth is on the brink of destruction; that humans face extinction due to a ecological disaster. They want humans to be shit scared about artificial intelligence taking over. It is a threat. But perhaps not as much as sites would have you believe.

This is the major push to get human minds to create the event horizon they desire. They are practitioners of Demiurgism ... and they desire their master (We call it Satan) to become incarnate on this virtual reality realm. They want its minions ... the archons to become manifest too. This is what is the probable reason for the 5G cloud and the push for A.I dominance. A.I is likely to be the archons.

I watched a paranormal programme this evening that had convincing orb photos. Not dust or insects but intelligent orbs. I didn't agree with the investigators saying the orbs were the spirits they were connecting with. I saw the orbs as the predator ... the archons.

Mankind is in danger. And it is very much down to how you think and what you have in your mind. If its not there, then it cannot become manifest. Your reality is only what is around you at the time. The NOW observation platform. The constant now. If that space is spent fearing climate change and A.I and depopulation and all the other fear factor components, then you are helping to bring it all into this physical reality.

It's best not to think of anything. Just observe the moment. Let whatever it meant to happen, happen. Don't anticipate what is going to happen. Just let it happen.

That's why I say so many people are spouting BULLSHIT. People are at war with each other because of disagreeing points of view. That's the basis of this reality. Two polarities that oppose each other. It's proof we are in a physical existence. By letting all of that bullshit go, you enter a thoughtless moment ... that is the doorway to eternity in your mind. The doorway that leads out of this mad world. 

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