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Saturday, 13 April 2019

The Alternative Truth - Trees and 5G

We are told trees will block the 5G signal; so sadly trees in the way of the 5G weaponry for biological genocide progress will have to be chopped down. It's being seen in cities in the Uk and across Europe & the US. It is a horrendous crime to say the least. A shocker that dumbed down mankind is taking without much complaint because, hey, we get even faster broadband for our brain tumour inducing phones and laptops.

But there may be a more sinister reason for trees being mutilated ... dying leaves in the path of murderous 5G weaponry will be seen to die which gives a visual truth about this horrendous technology we are being forced to accept. No trees = no visual sign this radiation is harmful.

It's time to fight for our lives. Once 5G switches on to maximum capacity ... your skin will burn; your eye sight will be lost; your heart & brain are likely to be seriously damaged; your oxygen circulation affected; your blood changed. If you let 5G happen ... don't start complaining when nearest and dearest die due to its effects. Small pets like cats and small dogs are likely to die prematurely due to 5G genocide. Don't say you haven't been warned.  

Think about it ... they tell us that 5G can penetrate concrete, brickwork, masonry but 5G gets disrupted by wood (Trees)??? Na. Something is wrong here. 

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