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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

5D Shift: Exposing the Myth of the “Critical Mass” Ascension

[Wake Up World]: It’s fine that we have distortion in our philosophy. Everything is a perspective, there are no absolutes in relativistic reality. However, what can be severely limiting and derailing, is where a myth becomes an accepted norm within the group consciousness.

Particularly one that might prevent people from empowering themselves by following their own path, their own trajectory, and in their own time.

Such, is the illusion of the idea that, ‘humanity will ascend when there is a critical mass of people to cause a collective shift into the New Paradigm’.

The history of previous shifts through the aeons does NOT bear witness to this. So how do Shifts really work?

Time is an illusion, because all is happening in one moment of now. The whole space-time-continuum moves together, which is why you can still have trajectory.  It’s why there is still a previous configuration of the entirety, which we call ‘the past’, and a future configuration that we are moving into – which we can call ‘future landing now’. It means you can get on the bus at point A, travel to work, and at a given amount of ‘time’ later, reasonably expect to be sitting at your desk. So the whole Universe is moving together and yet reconfiguring and morphing in the more>>>...

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