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Saturday, 22 June 2019

The Concept Of A True Shamanic Experience

The concept of a true Shamanic initiation is probably the hardest spiritual process to be understood fully. The recent influx of New Age ideology that Shamans can be created by courses and workshops is poppy cock!

True Shamans are born, not created by day or week workshops. A Shaman cannot initiate other Shamans, instead a fellow a Shaman will recognise that another has been chosen or has been born a Shaman, and then will assist with the spiritual unfolding.

The primary teaching happens through the spirits of the ancestors with spirit provides a commentary for enhanced understanding. My initiation and choosing began when I was perhaps 6 years old, with an Odin/Merlin/Thoth like spirit beginning my training with night after night of astral travels.

A series part of my shamanic training was coming to terms with a full blown Kundalini firing at the tender age of 12! Believe me my initiation has not been an easy pathway, with the looming figure of death standing behind me at every pitch and turn. For true born initiated Shamans, the figure of death shows up as an ever present spirit teacher-guide whom the initiate has to get to know, and eventually integrate with. It is an ongoing relationship.

The definition of a true Shaman Initiation is a simple one: “if the initiatory spirit who has claimed you does not do its best to take you over to the other side with a severe, life threatening sickness shortly after you meet, then you are not a Shaman! My most recent experience was in October 2013 with my life threatening Necrotising Acute Pancreatitis which was complicated with pneumonia, hyperthermia and septicaemia!!! A connection with Odin had occurred two weeks prior to this experience!

The first contact with the Odin/Merlin/Thoth spirit, took the form of a series of psychic experiences, plus a later interrogation by the spirit. My interrogation took place when I was in hospital at 36 having had a serious bowel operation. The spirit appeared in the form of a farmer with two ferocious dogs. One of the dogs attacked me and I ended up having a heart attack followed by delirium and hallucinations brought on by a high dose of opiate pain killers. A classic case of continued shamanic initiation I feel. Which has taken place all the way through my life. Thus I can claim to be a chosen Shaman, not that I truly want this title! - Matthew James

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