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Monday, 24 June 2019

The Art Of Pathworking & Creative Visualisation

For many years Pathworkings were a closely guarded secret within Occult Schools and Lodges, and even then were kept mainly for the higher degrees. About 30 years ago a number of magi rebelled against this secrecy and let the cat out of the bag, making them available to a wider audience.

What Value Do Pathworkings Have? Pathworkings make use of two of humanity’s most incredible talents – imagination and our ability to create pictures in our minds. They are quite rightly called ‘workings’ because you have to work at making these inner films real and credible. They sharpen the senses and open the mind to the wonders that lie beyond the normal everyday world, in the world of the subconscious mind.

The practice of Pathworking also teaches the basics of the higher levels of symbology, without which the Greater Mysteries are almost impossible to reach.

So What Is A Pathworking?  
A pathworking is a journey between the worlds and one of the most exciting excursions we can take. It offers a path through the landscapes of the mind, ways that are as yet barely explored, to the last undiscovered frontier. Pathworkings are doorways between the known and the physical, the unknown and the non-corporeal.

They are accomplished through the medium of the creative imagination – the anvil on which all things created and used by mankind are made. They can cause physical effects in the everyday world, which is the main reason why they have been in secret for so long. It is also the reason why rigorous training in the control of imagination faculty is such a feature in magical schools and orders.

Scientists tell us that the journey we build in our mind is as real to the brain as our daily experiences. The world of the subconscious mind is a real world with real beings. The water is just as wet, the sun is just as hot. The only difference is that we can do things in that world we cannot do in this world.

Why? Because in the inner world we admit to no barriers. We use the same powers and senses we have in the real world, but there we believe in them. We think we are dreaming, but it IS real and can use the finer matter of that world to change this one ………

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