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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

A Fresh Look At The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann

The question is 'Will Madeleine McCann ever be found, and ultimately returned to her family'??? Using The Light of Truth Oracle, four cards were randomly chosen, and are shown right. The cards are 'Memories', 'The Inner Critic', 'Betrayal' and 'Happiness'.

The four images suggest something very suspicious about the whole situation. The big work here is BETRAYAL. But HAPPINESS as the last card suggests a happy ending? But what about the first card 'MEMORIES'? It has an intuitive meaning of a father figure and family memories. This intuitively brings Gerry McCann into the fray, right at the very start of the situation. So does THE INNER CRITIC suggest Gerry McCann had an involvement in the situation, and was trying to prevent the abduction in some way? Did he have prior knowledge MM was going to disappear? Is it his betrayal that is being referred to?

A more in depth look at the images might provide some more answers.

Memories is equivalent to the KING OF WANDS and has the insightful meaning of “At this time in your life there are good omens. The portends are excellent for individual success. With fortitude and self belief you will be able to succeed in what ever you do, no matter what odds are set against you. Feel now the energies around you, and see for yourself just how protected you are. Now is the perfect time to discover those talents you never knew you had….”.

The Inner Critic is equivalent to the QUEEN OF SWORDS as the insightful meaning of “All of us have memories of all the times we felt bad they are part of the unavoidable scars of childhood. This is where the inner critical voice gets started. Before you can disarm the critic, you have to know it. Secrecy is its greatest strength. So if you can get really good at identifying its voice, you will have won a major victory.”

Betrayal is equivalent to the 10 OF SWORDS ans has the insightful meaning of “All is not lost as silver linings can be gained from any bad situation. Remain positive and upbeat even after the cruelest disappointment. Separate yourself from those caustic fibres cast by a ruinous mind. The pain of anger & rejection will pass. Your slakeless mind and your static stance will create more effect than reacting in the ways another expects".

Happiness is equivalent to the 6 OF CUPS and has the insightful meaning of 'trait of being human is the experience of nostalgia. Looking back into earlier years to remember how things once were. We may not be able to make things exactly the same, as they were but we are able to adjust our lives be reinventing ourselves based on what we remember from those halcyon days.”

So, there is a King and a Queen in the spread. If the King is Gerry McCann then the queen, and The Inner Critic is Kate McCann? But what is interesting is the reference to secrecy. The king of wands has a reference to success no matter what the odds. What is being insightfully exposed here? Betrayal has a reference to anger and rejection. A reference to a static stance ... an interesting muse that might suggest Gerry or Kate, or both, know more than they let on; and have kept a static stance throughout the entire situation.

So, where do these muses take us to answer the question? There is, as we've always stated, much more to the story than meets the eye; or has been revealed by the deceptive media. The truth appears to be that a return could be made to happen at any time;  a curious muse is to ponder on what the so called millions of pounds that have been provided for the search has really been for? If the location of MM is known, then what are they supposedly searching for? And why keep up the static stance that she is missing? That is the real mystery. What is this a smokescreen for? What is behind that wall?? 

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janegt said...

I distrust it ALL now. Something is really NOT right here or honest.