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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

All Is Sound Waves; Thought Forms Create This Virtual World

How profound and exhilarating is it, as an observer of the virtual earth reality? It's not hard to understand why so many fellow observers fall for the myth that this is 'real' and 'all that there is'.

Many fail to forget that there is only YOU in your reality; and that the NOW is the only observation point.

Everyone else who you interact with, are within their own separated reality too. And so many are fooled perceiving they are within the human A.I form. That they are the soul of that body; and the spirit is something that few will ever comprehend. Their identity is completely lost when they try to relate to being that soul. The soul is the programmed identity of the Human A.I; it is not who anyone really is.

The entire 'world' observed through the mind of the A.I form is a lie. The sky you see; the apparent solidity of everything around. Nothing is solid. All is sound. All are thought forms. Cymatic sound patterns. Which appear solid in accordance with a computer program they says so.

Nothing is as it seems. All of this world responds to your thoughts and to your perceptions. You shape the world which is around you. The myth is if it claimed this world is any other than this.

There is no air to breathe. Another myth. Food is not food it is just electronic waveforms that are absorbed by an electronic form. Everything is electrical. Everything is thought form energy. The sub-conscious is programmed to accept, to believe, to perceive and then to create.

And that is just at the top of the rabbit hole ... there are many, many, many, many more lies that have been peddled to force us to create the 'world' that is around us. 

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