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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

How is the real you today?

[David Icke]: S a question, it’s usually more of a statement, a greeting.

And the answer it receives is rarely of much value either.

“How are you?” asks one of our friends. “Yeah, ok, thanks,” comes the reflex answer before we have even had chance to consider our response.

Yet the more honest answer would be even less informative.

“Don’t know,” would be, for almost all of us, our most accurate reply.

A few years ago I was chatting to a lovely woman living with terminal cancer.

She gave a relatively upbeat reply to my question but, for some reason, I added a fair bit more. “I know you are extremely well, never been better,” I said.

That would have been inappropriate, even rude, if she hadn’t known what I was really referring to.

For, whilst most of us think about our physical health and circumstances in this material world when assessing how we are, that’s not the real us.

Nor are our feelings, the wealth or lack of it in our bank account, or our emotional response to a particular day.

The real us is detached from all of our daily events...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

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