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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The 'Reality' of Innerworld Contacts

Many people simply cannot accept that such entities or levels of existence are 'real'. Indeed, this debate over apparent reality is not confined to just materialist sceptic, it has tun through mystical speculation and magical philosophy for aeons, ever since mankind first sought answers to the question of the nature of being.

It must be stressed that 'innerworld contacts' are not mere formulations of group or individual psyche. Nor are they personifications or what can loosely be called metaphysical nonpersons. It is the imaginative approach which is the one and only secret of magic ... all other aspects can come with practice. Imagination is the power behind true magic. Imaginative insights are the key to opening the door on the innerworlds. Through imagination contact is made with these inner worlds.

The magician employs images, personifications and archetypes ... which are the human interface for any relationship with energies which we may not face unveiled. This explains, therefore, the superficially hierarchical systems of magical symbolism or the devolution of divinity down to humanity. The linear quality is however an illusion borne of literary limitations ... true magical education is a practical and oral tradition.

The forms or filters within the imagination act as matrices for energy; as beings they have considerable independence and range of behaviour, but thought forms are not spiritual entities independent of the magician creating them. They may attune very closely to such independent entities and over time the image may infilled or enabled by a true entity of a high order.

To the beginner, the array of orders, images and interactions are baffling, yet with a certain amount of practice the magician will build selective filters in his or her psyche whereby only those contacts of most relevance can appear to the inner vision or field of awareness.

There is a simple rule in magical contact work .... do not bother to debate the so called reality of a contact, but do behave as if they are real at the time of the communication or interaction. LIke personas of the outside world, innerworld contacts will come and go. Some will prove to be important while others will just be fleeting encounters. Intellectual debate is meaningless in magical arts as it will only carry the magician so far. However, this does not imply that there is to be abandonment of scepticism, analysis or sound common sense. An innerworld contact which proposes absurd suggestions is just as plain dangerous as any imbalanced personality making absurd suggestions in the outside world. If a contact appears to be absurd then the magician challenges it; often the image and message will transform if correctly challenged or channelled.

Behind the transformation of innerworld beings is a deep mystical knowledge that power may express itself through either negative or positive forms; an angel may be a fallen angel or daemon simultaneously ... but if correctly channelled they will inevitably transform into the mode set by the symbolism or consciousness of the magician. Any spurious entities will flee or dissolve for they are only shadows. The rather ridiculous notion of names of power which compel subservience from supernatural beings is but a corruption of this wisdom teaching.

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