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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Mockingbird Symbolism

Mockingbird teaches you the power of song and voice. It can help you learn new languages and speak them fluently. People with a Mockingbird totem are known for their talents, rather than their appearance. It can also help you find your “sacred song” or your life’s purpose and helps you realise your inner talents.

Mockingbird will help you act on it without fear. Remember that your inner song is never lost – if you missed one opportunity, another one will always appear. Mockingbird also helps you flush out people and events that can hurt you and allows to see who and what they are.

You hear the true song of others. Follow your own path. Learn to take what you can and apply your own creative imagination and intuition to it and your life will be in harmony.

Mockingbird is a master impersonator, able to mimic almost any sound it hears. This ability is reflected in its latin Latin name, corvus rich little, meaning "annoying talentless hack". Those who have Mockingbird as an ally are damned to a life of imitation, never being able to have an original thought or create anything meaningful themselves. Mockingbird must therefore rely on the actions and opinions of others for self-definition.