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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Blackbird Symbolism

Blackbirds are, for some people, considered a good omen. Others believe that the Blackbird brings the lessons learned in meditation. It is also associated with travel to the Otherworld and the mysteries found there. Blackbird people are good to call upon when spiritual matters are at hand, and often, while rare, they are the best people to have when in a group.

The blackbirds iridescent black plumage holds the energies of mysticism and magic. Druid legends say that the birds of Rhiannan are 3 blackbirds which sit and sing in the World tree of other worlds. Their singing puts the listener into a sleep or a trance which enables him or her to travel to the otherworld. It was said to impart mystic secrets.

Those with this medicine often have a hypnotic influence on others as well as an uncanny ability to move between the seen and unseen worlds with clarity. They make excellent shamans and trance channellers.

Blackbirds are timid and prefer their own company over the company of others. In humans shyness and insecurity in group settings is common. Vulnerable to outside influences those with this totem need to remember to clear accumulated influences from their energy field on a regular basis. The male's distinctive song during breeding season is loud and melodious with flute like qualities. Males often sing from high perches and both sexes produce a variety of sounds which include mimicking other birds.

Blackbird medicine people love to sing and have the ability use their voice to heal and inform. They are also good ventriloquists.

Blackbirds spend much of their time on the ground. Its locomotion includes walking, climbing and hopping forward and backwards. They forage for food in open spaces although cover is always near by. When foraging in leaf litter under trees they sound like people walking . In humans this suggests an ability to remain grounded in the earth energies while walking a spiritual path.

When resting the blackbird is frequently seen stretching, legs extended back, side wings in full extension, tail spread, and the head tilted to one side as if listening. Yoga and movement therapy are beneficial for those that hold this totem. The blackbirds flights are low, short and undulating but fast and direct over open country. They move with determination and focus and can teach us how to do the same.

When blackbird flies into your life your connection with nature and the forces of creation increase. The magic of the underworld surfaces in your life. Awareness is heightened and change on a cellular level begins. The blackbird teaches you how to acknowledge your power and use it to its fullest.


siyotecontara said...

I dreamt of à blackbird that swallowed entirely another bird, a linnet I think , then I managed to open the beak of the blackbird and get the bird out. The bird was still alive but extremely tired. I would like to understand the meaning of this dream as I am undergoing a period of changes in my life following a sudden and unwanted breakup. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

Anonymous said...

The other day I heard a noise outside the window, looked out and saw two blackbirds perched on the fence staring at me. A second later they were both gone.

franktheripper said...

Anonymous your experience seeing the 2 birds doesnt sound too uncommon to fathom a

get a

Mike Lobb said...

This is my new fetch. the qualities to have in common you demonstrated well. in addition to highlighting the right totem for this in my time. goddess inanna blessings.

Mike Lobb said...

Siyo it sounds like.there are some parts of you or another person you are not liking. no matter how hard you try, its tiring you out. what ever you have realised needs to change, make a program of baby steps to reach your desired goal. within the baby steps you may find smaller steps. take them, for each step is towards your desired goal

Anonymous said...

"Two blackbirds sitting together - good omen"

Anonymous said...

I always see three blackbirds around me (in my vicinity) when I am outside. It happens frequently and there is always three and they are always together. It makes me happy to see them but I can't interpret this even though I believe it means something...


Anonymous said...

was in the kitchen and heard a noise on the patio. looked outside and 3 blackbirds were lingering around on my patio. I have lived here for a while in this has never happened. It felt like they were trying to get my attention. It was creepy. Hopefully they were just hungry for the trash bag on the porch.

Milinda Graham said...

Last night I had a dream about a blackbird trying to drown a seal. I ran into the water as my empathy was for the seal & even though I was afraid of the bird hurting me I grabbed it and tried to kill it by squeazing it's neck to save the seal. When I threw it aside I do not think I hadkilled it. Although while I was sqeazing it I think I remember this wispy smokey stuff like a spirit coming out. Later in the dream I was talking to a very grounded & wise man & he was telling me something like everything is a natural way of life & not to blame or think the blackbird is bad. something like that. Can't remember exact words. I looked up the meaning of seal as well which also helped a bit. Anyway this was a very vivid dream & definately has a meaning, which I sort of get, this is a really great site. Thankyou so much whoever made it and put this information on. Any coments on this dream would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

one, while out on a lake and before a regata, I was talking with a group of people. during that, a black bird flew out of the woods and brushed me on the lips with it's wings. It was gone in a flash. I was spitting the taste of feathers out of my mouth for a good five minutes and I don't think anyone else saw it.

Anonymous said...

i had a blackbird pecking at my car and sitting on the mirror and back wipers today. this went on for about 20 mins even when we were taking photos really close to it. when i got in the car later there was poo on the roof.

Anonymous said...

i just witnessed 2 birds chatting rather loudly and passionately so close to my window and for a loooong time... one of them was a blackbird. I wonder what was the communication about.... but it felt good, when they left, quiet again

hopeful said...

Leaving the hospital today (my grandma is in ICU) my car in reverse and a blackbird landed on my windshield wiper, its stared at me and I tried to take a pic, however as soon as I snapped the photo it flew away. I guess I associate the bird as a bad (meaning I'm losing my grandma) but also kinda thinking it may have meant peace (like yes I'm losing her, but its going to b okay) am I just crazy and over analyzing or could there be some significance?

Anonymous said...

Earlier this evening, I went to sit on my back porch to draw. As I opened the screen door I noticed there were close to 50 blackbirds on the ground, and fence in my back yard. This looked like something from the movie birds, I quietly came in to grab my camera for a quick picture but when I came back they were gone from the ground and scattered into the trees. I will admit I was a bit scared, I haven't seen this many in my yard before, 2 or 3 but not enough to cover my entire lawn. I do not know what this means to see so many other than they were having fun in the shade hahaha :D

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they were balckbirds and not starlings? It would be very unusual for this many balckbirds to flock together. Not for Starlings though...

Anonymous said...

three years ago- I heard a loud cawing coming from my a window.. there in a very special tree of mine, an old oak tree that actually blossoms 8months out of the year, were 3 very large crows in row. They were looking directly at me- and all cawing. It was chilling.. since then, I lost my husband and my home and have gotten very ill myself w/ a debilitating illness. I am focused on God to help me and my family through all of this, and have faith He will. -yesterday on my Father's Bday (who passed on 07), I heard scratching sounds coming from a register in my living room, I moved the sofa and out flew a blackbird, all over the downstairs. Took a good hour to catch it and get it outside. However what is even stranger is that I wasn't afraid of it- nor it of me. Also, I have a pretty sealed up house, and have NO idea how the visitor got in my ducts at all. Any comments??

Mae said...

Two weeks before my mother died I heard blackbird singing from the tree in the city park three evenings one after another and it was beautiful singing. What was strange was the season. It was December and quite cold days. I was talking about it with my mother and she said she had never heard blackbird singing in such season. Me neither. Few days later she passed away. First day after her funeral, I visited her grave. Suddenly a blackbird has sat on the bunch of flowers and watched me. It was about 1 meter away and it wasn't afraid of me at all. The whole event had lasted a few minutes and I felt very close to my mother. It had happened twice later again. Always with blackbird...

Anonymous said...

I was startled this morning to find a black bird fluttering in my kitchen. I've never felt such an eerie feeling. Is this visit something good or bad??

Anonymous said...

There was a blackbird in my kitchen this morning - which is why I am looking this all up. How curious! - PS- i think it is good. the bird was kind to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

I was just outside reading a book called The Art of Being chapter keep your goals from the trolls but the quote stating surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higherI over when freenot minutes later 1 blackbird singing in the sky fire and several times and then land on the building next to me then came to other birds blackbirds all three birds were in a circle fine above me singing and landed on the building and were all staring at me not normally ic 1 Blackbird always letting its presence be known by me but to come across three blackbirds all within seconds of each other flying and singing to each other
was something specialI felt so connected to them it seemed different than all the other days when I come across one blackbird I definitely feel they are my spirit animal awesome to read this as the message of the three black birds that I just came across it totally fits where I am in this present moment namaste

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