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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Possum 'Magic'

Cunning possum,
Trickster changeling,
So alive, yet seeming dead,
Teach me wise old possum magic
That reacts from instinct, not from head.
Show me the way to slip past danger.
Fill me with earthy wisdom great,
That I might be secure and happy
Living life and trusting fate.

Opossum medicine requires a great deal of strategy. Although a opossum has teeth and claws, it rarely uses them, preferring the strategy of diversion to save itself. It plays dead until the attacker loses interest and then bolts for safety. The Opossum teaches us to use our brains rather than our brawn. The number 13 is very symbolic for Opossum people. When an Opossum shows up as a totem, check appearances. Are there people around you putting up false appearances? Is your attention being diverted