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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Word On '"Calcination"

The Llewellyn Journal: Calcination brings us to new awareness of the influence of the ego within us, and the process deflates the ego so we can discover more of our true reality, previously hidden by the ego's protections and defenses. In this stage we face a crisis of identity as our ego-based beliefs and false sense of self are transformed as if burned in an alchemist's fiery furnace.

Suffice it to say, most people avoid this process. Calcination incinerates the ego's defenses against the unknown. As our cherished beliefs and habits turn to ash and smoke, we may feel as if we're dying. And though this is not a physical death, it feels just as ominous and frightening. As we die to patterns we have outgrown, space is created for us to begin to realize more of our true reality.

We can't consciously make Calcination happen. It is merely what we go through at those times in which we feel powerless, confused, disheartened, and afraid. Every individual's reaction to a Calcination event differs—one person may sink into a depression and want to be left alone, while another may reject what's happening and fight fiercely to prevent change. There are others who might recognize that this event is actually an opportunity to let go of past conditioning, beliefs, and traumas, so they decide to surrender, without judgment or denial, to whatever they are more>>>...