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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Discovering Our Many Past Lives

Have you lived before? The answer to that question is yes. As a human soul you have lived before; many of us have even experienced many lifetimes upon this planet. As human souls we are beings of light and are immortal—humanity possesses the spark of God or the Creator that comes from the heavens above.

So, what really happens when we die? What becomes of the soul? There are many of us who wonder about death, and perhaps even fear it. It is a fear of the unknown.

During the process of birth, the human soul settles into the physical form, just before the birth of the new born child. There is an energy called Spirit Energy, or Nous, that hovers around the child; this energy acts like a magnet and keeps the human soul in the physical form. All three elements (the human soul, the physical body, and the Spirit Energy) work together in maintaining the soul's presence within the body.

Now, when someone is close to death, the Spirit Energy starts to leave the body and disappears. When this occurs, there is no cohesion or magnetism available to the keep the human soul within the physical form. Essentially, the soul will slip out of the body and not be able to return into more>>>...