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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The 21st Path, Kaph, The Wheel

Tarot Pathwork: Imagine that you have gone back in time to the days of King Arthur. You sit at the Round Table dressed as a knight, your armor heavy on your body. The walls around you are filled with tapestries and vaulted windows that look out to a forest of cedar trees. The scent of these trees drift in through the windows while you wait with the other knights for Arthur’s entrance.

The seat across from you is empty, and you study the cross that is carved on its high back, and you realize that this place has been left empty for the king. The table is engraved with occult and astrological symbols. Reaching out, you trace its wavy lines with your fingers and then feel a tingling on both of your palms. Turning your hands over, you see that the symbols have formed a circle on each palm. These lines will now determine your more>>>...