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Monday, 1 July 2013

Wisdom Within

Daily OM: The soul can be likened to a great house with many rooms, each of which makes up an integral part of who we are. One of those rooms, or aspects, is what is known as the higher self, a part of us that possesses a range of perception far greater than that of the conscious mind. Your higher self is aware of both your current existence and numerous other possibilities, and cannot be altered or suppressed. It is related to your basic, innate purpose and no matter how much or how often you change, it remains constant. Some believe the higher self is the most evolved, most perfect "self" and thus can act as a guide on life's journey. In that role, it manifests itself in many ways: as images that flash in your mind inspiring ideas, as a small voice, as intuition, or as a feeling of rightness associated with certain actions. Becoming aware of and connecting with the higher self is comparable to becoming truly aware of oneself while feeling entirely integrated into the universe. It is like being in your body while looking down at your life from a high vantage point. With such insight, you can find the answers to many questions about your own life and the infinite existence. Connecting with the higher self, however, takes dedication, discipline, and practice. You may find it difficult because old emotional wounds or negative thoughts block your connection. One technique involves becoming "level" with the higher self through more>>>...