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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Paranormal Life

Llewellyn Worldwide: Not all that long ago, people were afraid to approach the topic of ghosts. Many people were afraid to tell their friends if they saw a ghost, and didn't even want to admit if they believed in them. The popularity of ghost shows on television has changed that perspective, and now people are excited to talk about ghost sightings and other supernatural experiences they have. Shining light on this topic has increased awareness and acceptance of a phenomenon that was once taboo. Let's face it; ghosts have been present in every culture since the beginning of time. Ghosts and spirits are all around us, and (sooner or later) you will most likely have your own experience to share. Belief in ghosts has gone from being a little dark secret (one that most certainly would have earned you a pass into a mental hospital) to being a fabulously entertaining pop-culture fad. But what is the truth about ghosts? Why are they here? Why bother crossing over a ghost when they are so much fun to communicate with? To help you better understand this topic, I will explain what happens when a deceased person becomes a ghost and why they should be crossed over. As most of you know, ghosts were once living people with their own families and friends. They had hobbies, love stories, and hardships just like everyone else. Upon death, a critical choice was made to stay on the earth plane rather than progress into the light to be reunited with loved ones in spirit. This choice can only be made by the individual, and a newly departed is never doomed to roam the earth as a ghost from an outside force. A ghost is a ghost primarily because they chose to stay here and not travel further in their spiritual journey. The reasons for such a choice are many; some fear that God will punish them for something they did about which they feel guilty, while others feel an obligation or duty to stay behind and help their living loved ones. There are also those who died so abruptly that they don't even know they are more>>>...