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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Daily raw garlic slashes lung, bowel cancer risk as much as 40%

Natural News: In addition to being one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and antibiotics, garlic also may cut your risk of certain types of cancer IN HALF. That’s right, in half. If this doesn’t convince people that raw, fresh garlic is something you should incorporate into your diet as often as possible, I don’t know what would! New studies show that eating raw, pulverized garlic every day reduces the risk of lung and bowel cancer (and possibly others as well, these were two that were studied thus far) quite dramatically – as much as 40% and possibly even more. It is thought that the primary reason behind the drastic reduction in cancer risk is the compound allicin. The amount of garlic consumed in patients that saw this potent anti-cancer benefit was typically the equivalent of 1-3 full cloves of garlic a day. It is unclear whether there is a particular compound that causes this potent effect against lung and bowel cancer or whether it is more of a synergy between several of the potent compounds and antioxidants found in more>>>...