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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Believe it or Not? It's True

It's hard to believe the mentality of some of the so called 'spiritual' minded individuals out there. Their web sites portray them as perfect people, with incredible compassion and caring. They give the impression of gentleness, or a truly loving nature. Their marketed image is of true sweetness and light.

When in truth they are anything but this when you rub away this veneer. When you reach beneath the surface of this deception, you connect with nastiness and venom.

General public, we bring to your attention the reality that all is not what it seems with some of these so called 'corner stones of spirituality'. You may see the face of compassion, but just know that for others in the spiritual community, these so called wonderful souls are anything but nice. These same individuals are hellbent on ruining the reputation of others in the community. They go out of their way to run people out of town; they intentionally bully and belittle their fellow light workers.

Why? Why you ask us? Jealousy? Envy? It appears they don't like competition or like having others more popular they they are? Believe me .... it is true. Watch out for the next 'Name and Shame' ... there is a cornerstone of our local community here in Canberra about to have their 'butter wouldn't melt in their mouth image' destroyed forever.