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Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Rune Elhaz

The 15th rune of the Elder Futhark, Elhaz is a powerful protective rune. Its shape symbolizes the strong resistance of the wapiti who terrorizes the enemy with its antlers. Because of its antlers nobody dares to attack the wapiti, so this one wins without needing to fight. Elhaz also symbolizes the sedge (Carex rostrata), a reed variety with sharp leaves which discourages the predators. This Rune is often to refered to as 'elk-sedge'.

Knowing how to repel the evil, Elhaz represents the best defense which can exist. It is the reference rune of the personal protection. Visualize oneself surrounded with this rune confers a powerful shield against any sorts of attacks, physical and/or psychics. The rune Elhaz allows to protect its properties, buildings and vehicles. The power of support and defense of Ehlaz confers a great protection against all the forces or influences, known or unknown, which each of us can enter conflict with. Elhaz represents the power of the man, supported by the beyond, in the divine quest.

Elhaz procures to the one who use it, an aura allowing to move forward in life with more vigour. Elhaz is a rune which calls up to the divine and which connects us with this part of ourselves. It guides and provides support.

Elhaz is the rune connecting the gods to the human, the force bringing the human consciousness towards more>>>...