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Friday, 30 September 2016

Carbon Copy World

This phenomenal illustration by UK Illustrator Neil Hague pretty much sums up what is going on in our existence here on earth. 

Everything we see around us is a carbon copy of the original earth plane. Don't ask me how it has been done, because I don't have the mind capacity to perceive such a feat. However, I do have an awareness that it is our consciousness which has been copied too, we are a clone of our original consciousness which has been trapped in these limited sensory fields. I gather from my own experiences of seperateness that we are not really in the body at all. We are linked to effectively a virtual reality world. The film 'The Matrix' was very much close to the mark, in my opinion. It is not a new realisation I discuss here, but something that has been written on countless blogs and web sites all over the world. I digress. I had to do so to produce a comprehension of our reality.

Living in a carbon copy world does not mean that the original earth is like this. On the contrary, the designer of this carbon copy world has added its own intentions into the mix. This was the purpose of the hacking. To create an existence where this being is the creator, or the god of this world and universe. It is playing the role of the almighty. To be worshipped and thanked for its hacked creation. The fact we have religion on this world, and a distorted sense of reality, plus a deluge of strange memories of a 'better earth' is an indication of the sorry mess our cloned consciousness finds itself in. There is no easy solution or a simple means of escaping this prison reality. That is the problem we all face. Sadly. I wish I had the answers and I could put them down here. It would be fantastic to instigate a prison break. But no ... the creator of this carbon copy is clever. But not that clever. There is a change afoot which it did not account for - Matthew James