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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Gympie Pyramid: Evidence of an Ancient Civilisation in Australia?

New Dawn: The Gympie Pyramid near the town of Gympie in Queensland, Australia has long been a source of fascination for people from around the world as well as Australia, and the subject of a great many claims about its origin and true purpose.

Archaeologist Greg Jefferys, who has worked on the pyramid, refers to it as “a serious, famous and unexplained archaeological anomaly.” Unfortunately, academia and the government dismiss the pyramid on the grounds that it is a nineteenth century or even more recent construction for the purpose of growing grapes, ignore evidence to the contrary and refuse to conduct an excavation which would settle the matter.

What is known as the Gympie Pyramid is the rounded eastern end of a sandstone ridge north of the town of Gympie that had stone terraces cut into the sides, giving it a pyramidal shape. It is not a pyramid in the Egyptian or South American sense. The pyramid is approximately 5 km from the centre of Gympie, and is located north of the town on the Tin Can Bay road.

Its interior remains unknown and has been a source of speculation, and there are believed to be three or four entrances, some blocked, leading into it. The pyramid is 30.4 metres (100ft) high and has six stone terraces varying from 10 metres wide at the bottom to two metres wide towards the top, and incorporate some natural rock features. Stone for many of the terraces has been shaped, and squared and some of the larger stones used would be extremely more>>>...