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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The 19th Path

Teth is the first path outside the Supernal Triangle. Outside this garden, from the top of the Ethical Triangle, the human soul is to find its self-consciousness, its direction, conscience and ethics, on its own. Teth is the path on which the fiery darkness of the Supernals is manifested as light, the now seperate consciousness of souls.

Teth means 'serpent', the animal which played a crucial role as the tempter in Genesis, but which is also a symbol of perfect manifestation and wisdom with a tail in its mouth. The angels of Geburah are in fact the seraphim, the fiery serpents. The serpent of Kundalini, the life force, can rise from Yesod and illuminate the higher chakras, as symbolized by the snakes climbing the Caduceus. The snake is therefore a perfect symbol of the condition of the human soul, its potential for growth through more>>>...