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Friday, 30 September 2016

Recognising Those Repeating Life Cycles

How many of the life experiences you are currently having to negotiate are actually a re-hash of something you've failed to deal with somewhere in your past? 

It's the new cover, but same contents routine, right? Welcome to the material plane. The astral pool of thought forms. Those ripples you are entangled in can last an entire life time. You see its the routine that the universe is a curious consciousness, it wants to experience everything it can. You are those tiny, tiny globules of mercury that have been separated from the big universal globule. You are not forgotten. You are still contributing to the universal consciousness, and its learning curve. In its book of rules, there are no mistakes and no wrong turnings. Whatever we experience, is important to the bigger picture. Sadly though, as seemingly nothing more than the minute fibres in the tapestry, we don't necessarily like the experiences we are called on to keep experiencing. 

Once you realise, and recognise the repeating cycles, apparently you move on to the next series of new experiences. That is what is written in the book of rules. But does this actually happen? Are we able as human beings to recognise those patterns in our lives and actually change our lives? This world is a thought form. Our experiences are dependent on our thoughts and our perceptions. So technically it is possible to change the path that lies ahead, by changing how we are thinking. Here comes the million dollar question ... if we are stuck in the same thoughts and are casting the same experiences into our mind pool, we are not going to move on right? Right. We develop an attitude to how we perceive our outside world. If that perception hasn't changed since we were children, or teenagers, then it is possible that the cycle of experiences we started back then are still around us. 

We must therefore scrutinise our lives to the Nth degree in order to see the spider's web we have been wandering across. All the left turns, the right turns and the intersections. We must therefore learn to acknowledge those repeating trends in our live where we are not dealing with a decision right, or we are making the same mistake over and over again. These weakest links in our life chain are what hold us back, and are what keep us locked in the same experiences. It is not an easy undertaking to execute this process, but it is possible to move forward through these experiences. The universe is not likely to assist us, as it is after all happy with whatever experience we are having. It is in truth down to ourselves to change. There has to be a deep desire to move forwards, and an ability to change our current thought processes and perceptions. That is not an easy thing to do - Matthew James