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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

UFO caught on camera during Falcon9 Space X rocket explosion

S.O.T.T: Earlier this week Elon Musk's Falcon 9 Space X rocket burst into flames during fueling and moments before a test launch, resulting in massive financial and technological loss for the company.

The explosion was chalked up to a faulty rocket engine that created a spark, causing the entire system to viciously explode, even damaging the launchpad.

While the company and US agencies are investigating the exact cause of the explosion, video footage appears to show an anomalous object - literally, an Unidentified Flying Object - passing nearby.

There are actually two occasions in the following video of a mystery object zipping by, apparently flying at hypersonic speed. Whatever it is, it appears to be passing by in the distance, i.e. beyond the rocket launch site, and is thus unlikely to be an insect or a bird flying past the camera's immediate more>>>...