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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The CIA’s Covert Psychics Program Revealed

Waking Times: Exactly how long has the CIA been using psychic technology to interfere with geopolitics? Considering that most military industrial secrets are only revealed years, sometimes decades after they’ve been put into use, the recent unveiling of documents in a CIA database suggests some intriguing additions to their arsenal of mind-weapons.

By looking through files known as the CIA Records Search Tool, or CREST we learn that in 1979 dozens of American diplomats taken hostage by revolutionary students who seized the U.S. Embassy in Iran might have had some covert company during their 15-month captivity.

Code named “Grill Flame”, half a dozen psychics worked with the CIA in a nondescript building in Fort Meade, Maryland to try to remote view hostages using their abilities in order to see where they might be held hostage, and to assess their more>>>...