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Monday, 20 February 2017

"Why do we do it? Because it is what everyone else does, and always has done ... so it must be right."

We are at a point in time where we must take control of ourselves. Our TRUE selves. Not the assumed self that the environmental stimuli around us demands of us. That self is false. It is a controlled persona. It is a puppet with strings moved by a puppet master which is not you.

You find your true self by digging deep into your awareness, and by following your heart. Some would say we are all trapped on the Path of Ayin on the Tree Of Life. We are all controlled by fear. We are all dualistic .... with two voices in our consciousness. One is the loudest, they say empty vessels make most sound, the loudest voice by far is the Intellect. The voice of the survivor. The voice which is ruled by the puppet master. This voice drives us forward with choices made by logic and by comparison to others around us. It is the voice of reaction. The 2nd voice and the little whisper in the corner of the mind, for many of us, is the voice of the heart. This is the voice of what I call the spirit mind, the voice of the soul, of the right side of the brain. It is seen as the voice of the path of folly. The voice of ridiculous notions. It is constantly undermined by the bully in the school yard. The voice of the Intellect.

If we reach in to our consciousness and always follow the path of the heart, we would eventually get to where we are all meant to be going. Because a world of 100% true selves would be completely different to a world where the majority are ruled by the puppet master, because everyone is born into a world where it is assumed right to link our awareness into the hive mind ... and be like all the other sheep on this world. Why do we do it? Because it is what everyone else does, and always has done ... so it must be right.

Just because you conform to what everyone else does, and are fearful of being shoulders above everyone else, considering a different path, doesn't mean it is right. Its time to break the shackles of the assumed self, and reach deep into the rich frequency of the voice of the heart ... to become a True Self - MATTHEW JAMES 2017