Search A Light In The Darkness

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

'The Darkness Is Needed For The Light To Shine'

Well we've reached March 2017 ... extremely quickly! Why is it that this happens every year? We get to Xmas, then New Year ... and January flies by. February fades just as quickly. Then, like now, we are in March. How come?

It coincides perfectly, however, with my own brand of Numerology, I call SOUL NUMEROLOGY, which runs from March to March. Which is completely unique, and unlike the traditional systems that run from Jan 1st to 31st December or from birthday to birthday.

For me, it fits my system perfectly, where these are the last two months of the previous cycle and therefore something of the crossover point now as a cusp in Astrological circles! We have just ventured through this cusp period, and for so many of us it appears there has been some pinpricks of light in so much darkness. Very unusual for so many of us with different Year Vibrations to feel the same effect that is taking place at this time.

On a personal level, a 3 Vibration which promotes blind faith as the universe leads me in a completely direction to what was planned, gives way to a 4 Vibration which promises foundation and security. However, unusually all progress appears to have gone underground until today. On the eve of the 4 another twist is revealed. I read this period as the foundation, or piling, work of a building that is generally not seen on ground level. The value of this work is often not appreciated bu a client, so this is so very symbolic of where so many are now.

My building must be on shifting sands, with massive piles being driven down through the sand into the bedrock, so long is this hidden stage. But the deeper the foundation the taller the building, so my next few years could well be extremely significant!

But its true, this period of darkness is needed to let our lights shine. Such are current times, around us is great darkness ... in which so many awakened souls shine their lights. These lights sadly attract the darkness to them, so times are not easy for those of us shining bright. Its time to concentrate on our building blocks. Its time to ignore the distractions sent to divert us away from our goals set for later in the year - Matthew James