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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Conform or die: Big Tech has become the feared Big Brother, the ultimate thought control machine

[Natural News]: In 1984, Apple launched a compelling and ironic commercial that promised freedom from Big Brother mind control. The video depicts humans lining up, mesmerized by a large screen.

A woman, chased by security guards, bursts onto the scene and hurls a hammer into the screen. As the glass shatters, the obedient crowd is liberated. The iconic Apple commercial introduced the Macintosh and promised that advances in technology will set the world free from Orwellian thought control.

Since then, American technology companies have prospered, capitalizing on new ideas to spread information and connect people around the world. When Google first came about, internet users were introduced to a brave new world of information search. Facebook helped internet users connect with friends and family in a variety of new ways. Twitter connected people in the moment. YouTube allowed anyone to share information in video format and learn from one more>>>...

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