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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Light Of Truth Oracle Card Of The Month - Karmic Return

Insight Meaning: “ You as a spark of consciousness are in constant motion, no matter what is unfolding on the physical plane. At this time you need to learn to recognise and determine the patterns of life that are repeating themselves around you. Learn if you have the power of choice to change the direction, or if you are currently being taken in a direction without any choice.”

By first recognising, then changing, the repeating patterns of events in your life, you will find that life develops more synchronicity; and you become more in sync with where you are meant to be. And will have less time spent going over old, and outgrown, energy patterns from your past.

Tarot Image: Wheel of Fortune
Kabbalah: Path of Kaph
Magick Glyph: “Doorkeeper”

Glyph Affirmation: “I am the realisation that all paths lead to the same point and that is the centre which is in truth individualisation.”

All card concepts, meanings, designs - copyright Matthew James 2012 - 2019
Matthew James is recognised has having all intellectual rights to the Light Of Truth Oracle.

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