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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Is Trump Waking People Up?

[Collective Evolution]: No doubt, Trump is a character. From some of the actions he takes to the things he says, there is a lot to talk about and poke fun at if you really wanted to. But what motivates this poking fun? What about ourselves wants to reduce his actions down to something that’s childish? What do we miss when we get caught up in this identity-driven approach to viewing politics?

There is a long-standing debate about whether or not we should look at the darker aspects of our world, the ‘negative’ stuff if you will. Further to that is the discussion of how much we need to counteract viewing that type of content with content that is ‘positive.’ Talking about politics, the events of our world, the various pieces of chaos happening in our world — all of these things are often viewed as negative and are completely avoided by many.

But why do these things ACTUALLY happen? Is it a president? Is it bad foreign policy? Is truly the fault of one administration? Can it actually be reduced to ‘white males cause this?’ No, of course not. This is a completely false way of viewing it all and it’s precisely why we remain in a state of more>>>...

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