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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Cymatic Sound Therapy

Cymatic therapy is a form of sound therapy developed by Sir Peter Guy Manners, MD, DO, PhD from England in the 1960s. It is based on the work of Hans Jenny, who coined the term "cymatics" in the mid-twentieth century. Cymatics refers to the effect of sound waves on matter, and cymatic therapy presumes that sound can have similar effects on the body.

According to practitioners, illness appears when the rhythms of the heart, brain, and other organs are not working harmoniously. During treatment, computerized instruments are used to transmit sound waves through the skin, either directed toward the diseased organ or transmitted along the acupuncture meridians. The selected frequencies are related to those that are normally emitted by the healthy body part. The signals passed through these cymatic devices are supposed to restore synchronous rhythms and boost the body's regulatory and immunologic systems. In some of the newer cymatic devices, a magnetic field has been added to oscillate along with the sound waves.

Practitioners of cymatic therapy believe that sound waves can rearrange molecules in the body. Although the sound waves do not directly heal, proponents say that the waves promote a healing environment for the body's cells.

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