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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Favourite Places: Inchnadamph

Inchnadamph, Assynt, Sutherland

I last visited Inchnadamph which is located almost right at the top end of Scotland around 25 years ago while on holiday with family. I'd gone for a walk with my late Father and we'd ventured into a desolate land. A silent land. An awe inspiring land. There was not a single sound on the wind. No bird. No sheep. Nothing. It was just an ominous silence. It was in truth a totally 'spiritual experience'. Profound and powerful. The overwhelming feeling of presence was shared by both of us. I'd forgotten about the experience until recently. Funny, I can remember the feeling I felt that day. The goose bumps on my arms. The strong feeling of being watched. The weird experience of being in a landscape devoid of any sound ... it was total silence at the height of summer ... moments before we'd wandered across glen and moor surrounded by the cries of Larks, Gulls, distant cattle. In one single moment we'd crossed an invisible threshold ... to be transported into a silent, mystical and enchanting land.

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