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Friday, 28 September 2007

The Mirror of Our Consciousness ..

The Chiron paradigm in relation to Body and Mind asserts that our physiology is a perfect mirror of our consciousness. In short, in the same way that Chiron in the astrology chart mirrors our issues and Wounds, all our Wounds and issues can be seen upon our countenance in the form of various states of health and disease, in our tensions and relaxations, in our excesses and deficiencies and in our postures and expressions.

Such is the holographic nature of the Body/Mind. The Body/Mind, like the astrology chart, is a Mandala of consciousness. Lop-sided (unbalanced, Wounded) consciousness (in the form of exaggerations and minimizations in our perceptions of the experiences of our lives) creates lop-sided physiology (in the form of hypo- (inhibition) and hyper- (activation) reactions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the immune system in general). Conversely, as we Heal our consciousness—i.e. seek out the balancing sides of our Wounds and issues and bring unity to our consciousness—so this is reflected in the Healing of the Body. There is now ample medical and scientific evidence to support the connection between our emotional and mental states and our body’s health and disease.

Moreover, if we examine the extremes of mental and emotional disorders in our society, we can see our own predicament as in a mirror, as brought into sharp relief, as in a powerful microscope. We each have elements of every psychosis and neurosis ever discovered and labeled. Such are the elements of our Woundedness. Fragmented mental and emotional processes are the symptoms of fragmented consciousness—the dualistic consciousness of our lower nature, of our terrestrial nature, of the Woundedness of the horse half of Chiron the centaur.

As we bring our consciousness into greater unity—by seeking the balancing sides of our issues and Wounds—we reconnect with our higher human nature, with our celestial nature. Such Healing goes beyond the illusion of the physical (material) world of reality and reconnects us with the truth of the energetic (spiritual) world of Actuality. Again, there is physics to support this assertion.

The secret to Healing—whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual—is thus to bring the Darknesses of our psyche into the Light. As we do so, we gradually awaken to the perfection of our lives and, thus, to the larger Plan and Purpose of existence.(Martin Lass)

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