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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Quick Insight: Morocco Photo

Daily Merlin Insight (Using Servants of the Light tarot)
26th September 2007
8:35 - 8:50pm NZ

'The latest photograph in Morocco ... does it show Madeleine McCann? Insights into the implications ..'

6 of Spheres
Giver of Spheres
10 of Crescents
6 of Crescents
The Star
Keeper of Spheres

Interestingly The Star image has been uncovered linked with the photograph. But, intuition asks for logic to err on caution. To assess the pattern of the other images and let higher awareness make the assessment. After all ... there has been so many days of hearing the wanton speculation of those who would have us believe Maddy is 'not with us anymore' ... therefore sight of the photo and now sight of the significator could result so easily in putting two and two together perhaps prematurely.

However, looking again within the concept of the images in the spread and again at the photograph. All does not appear to be what it seems. It comes across as another deception. The sighting is likely to be quite genuine. The feeling from the little girl has the hallmark of being Maddy to support the appearing Star image. The 6 of Spheres confirms the sense Maddy is very much alive ... and something monetary has been exchanged. But the characters seen with Maddy do not appear to be here captors!!! Profound statement like it may sound ... but something is too obvious with it all. The Giver of Spheres talks of 'agreements' and 'arrangements' and the Keeper of Spheres gives insights into something being conveniently organised.

The 10 of Crescents is the 'they lived happily ever after' card ... which is the outcome to which this change in direction and change in script will lead. Someone somewhere wishes the observer now to consider that Maddy resides with these Moroccan Gypsies ... perhaps purchased as a slave or as a commodity. I say categorically this is another smokescreen. It is not what it seems. Anyone can have been used as props along a main road knowing full well someone would spot the group; take photographs and then hey presto it is main news ...

Once more .. some clever hands have hatched more deception. Let us not dismiss the photo however as being doctored or as being a fraud. The appearance of the Star image confirms my first impression this was indeed Madeleine McCann. The 6 of Crescents indicates a different perspective surfacing and a change of tact by those behind this mystery .... questions need to be asked with regard to who these characters really are?

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