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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'Eternal & Slakeless Memories'

He is ancient magi - he knows
He serviced power within circles of mighty stones
He spoke with the gods when they descended in their silver ships
He travelled across the universe witnessing other worlds and other races
His soul has not forgotten and its slakeless memory is eternal
Those truths have never been lost ...

He witnessed the fall of mankind many times in the forgotten past
He walked the streets of a myriad of human civilisations no longer remembered by history
He bore witness to the creation of incredible feats of engineering in the distant past
He lived lives in which he ventured to other worlds and spoke with alien races
The tribes of ‘man’ are stretched out far across the galaxies - he knows
His soul has not forgotten these truths ...

Those who deceive mankind are they aware of him?
Do they care? 
For he is only one man with an imaginative mind
How can he be a threat to them?
They are the victors and human history is written to suit their whims
Who will believe one man’s version of reality? 

But he knows the truth and he has seen the depth of the rabbit hole
For centuries mankind has been plagued by evil deceit
As their creator gods fearfully herd the human sheep
And the magi ... he lives a life bedecked in obscurity
For he knows no other way ...

Through the ages, they who bear the true rights and the true claims
Vanquished by the imposters who claim the earth for themselves
But the magi knows there is no point in dwelling on what was
For being human on a physical earth is but an illusion
A universal game - nothing more and nothing less

It began as a replica of the real world ...
But that is a tale to be told another time
For the magi knows it is complicated
Just like the balls of wool tangled and twisted
Where is the start and where is the end?
He will narrate that story another time ...

Written by Matthew James 13th March 2014

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