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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rainbow Lorikeet Medicine

Some of these symbolic character traits of Rainbow Lorikeet include the following: Communication Skills, recognition of your soul mate, the love of language, ability to see every view point, respect of other people’s opinions, and connect to the rainbow.

We should acquire good communication skills to be able to relate well with others in the community just as the Lorikeet. They are hyperactive in nature both in captivity and in the wild. We should be very active to achieve what we want in life. We will be able to associate with many.

We will be able to recognise easily our soul mates. When we are active, we tend to socialise a lot. We also communicate well and this will enable us to identify those we can be able to relate to and stay with well without problem. This really applies to those who have Lorikeet as their power animal.

They have the love of language which is very important in their communication. When you love the language, you will tend to be very interactive to learn so much and to communicate effectively.

They are able to see the viewpoint of everyone. They may not look at things from one point of view but from both the positive and the negative side of the story.

They respect people’s opinions by resorting to know every point of view in a given issue. They believe that everyone has the right to communication and expression of their ideas and more>>>...