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Sunday, 30 July 2017

True Nature

I don't conform. I never have conformed, and I don't ever intend to conform. How I see things out there is not like the other sheep. My name is not norm, and it will never be norm. My mind disagrees with what is accepted as the conventional, it will not be herded into being part of the herd in the field. My mind refuses to be anything other than a visionary and a pathfinder.

It makes for a lonely existence, as so many have turned their backs on me, or cannot relate to me. I have found no others like me out there. But that is my life. And I embrace that fact.

I walk the path that is true to my nature and I see it through. I sympathize with all those out there who are not being true to themselves, who are not even aware what their true nature is. I know mine and I live it. I am not one to draw attention to my genetics and my own inner truths. Those are personal and unique. They will only be shared with the chosen few should that time arrive.

I also sympathize with all the mystics out there who accept without question the official lie just to conform and not be on their own. They have not the spirituality they think they have. They do not have the ability they think they have. If they did they would see it is all lies, and they would see the true path. Until they do ... they will walk the path of deception laid out for them. The path that leads them away from their true nature. They will continue t repel me. But it is themselves they repel not me.