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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Realm Of The Gods

When you reach beyond the veils, into the 'realm of the gods', your perception changes. It can no longer be judged in earthly, limited sensory, terms. It cannot be perceived by a conscious mind. If your awareness explains it in human terms, with human phraseology, then it is the mind of your ego that you explore.

In the worlds beyond the veils there are no ascended masters, no gods, no angels, no guides ... there is nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to feel, nothing to taste, no contrasts - yet everything is there. It is omnipresent awareness. A comprehension of all things happening simultaneously.

Nothing human. Nothing contrasted. Nothing of the five sensory world. It is a nothing. A stillness. Yet a constant awareness. Bringing back an understanding from there to here enables the mind of the ego to shape its version of what was seen. Quite often based on misguided perceptions that rule you on earth, so the ego still assumes control as the teacher, the hero, the god, the angel ... whatever it needs to be to keep the human locked in its misguided five sensory reality.

Growth is accepting this fact. Accepting there is nothing out there that can be a saviour or a demon or an angel. It is but one thing. One energy. One source. It is all things. It is beyond time, and it contains all that there is in simultaneous play back. It is not the astral plane. It is beyond the astral plane. If there are distortions and challengers and so called supernatural forces, then your vision is of the astral world. The realm of the gods is a whiteness, a realm of nothing but of everything. It is infinite and undefinable. Anything else you see is a false hood created by the ego to prevent you from seeing what is really out there, beyond the veil - Matthew James