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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Long Overdue Rest

Matthew James has been taking a well earned rest from 'connections with the other side' in recent weeks. He still has the occasional client ... but he made the wise decision to recharge his batteries after an unerring 33 years of service to the other dimensions. A service which has been punctuated with previous rest periods ... but this time around he is giving himself time for his own soul development, his own quantum leaping, his own growth. He's giving himself time to absorb all the energies which have been generated in the years of service he's given.

He needs time to assess his own path ... his own soul. He needs to listen to the other worlds for himself for a change. He's always used his direct thought ability for the service of others, but rarely for himself.

So for once he's taken a time out, he's temporarily hung his boots up and is taking a rest. He's involved in projects, yes, but not on the magnitude that he was. Its pastures new with a lucky few being chosen .. he is being selective who he now connects for, and he now works in a totally different way ...

He has deserved this long overdue rest!