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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It's been described in A Light In The Darkness, as 'The Shaking of the Tree'. Indeed it is ... and still will be. It is a cleansing process that has been understood as a necessary process to rid the physical plane of the false claims and the false practices, that are not spirituality or proper communication with the other worlds.

It is the ways and means to protect those who are the true purveyors of these ancient arts, by forcing them onto pathways that lead them away from the harmful rays of ridicule at this time. It places them safe in the light. It enables those who are of the 'plastic' variety ... the charlatans, the inexperienced and the misinformed ... to shine fully with their Emperor's Clothes so they can be seen for what they truly are ... they are NOT what they claim to be. or even what they think they are.

Alone in their ego forged glory they will most surely see themselves in the mirror when they venture out of Yesod and see the truth ... they have been deceiving others and more importantly, themselves.

The true purveyors may, or may not, venture back into the public eye ... they may practice their arts in the shadows ... working for the good of the one, not for the self glory that the plastic variety carry around them ... their emperor's clothes shine a light that attracts the make believe theories that the new age caravan so readily creates for the gullible ...

The truth is so far away from the shaking tree that so many find themselves on at this time .... the truth is protected from the plastic ones ... it is something they can only find within themselves ... it is not taught or offered in the myriad of courses and workshops that are out there at this time.