Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 10 July 2017

On The Trail of The Pied Piper, Again ....

Looking again into the 3-5-7 mystery and the disappearance of The Shining Star using Cosmic Tarot, This is the first Daily Merlin undertaken in the UK. Gazing at the imagery, inspiration feels the lingering effects of what was called 'the cloud making machine'. Insights here suggest a continued political and power struggle being undertaken behind the scenes. Nothing key speaks out here except that the 'flaming sword' from Servants Of The Light DM's is in the imagery ... as is the hints of 'the pied piper' which was the muddle created by contradictory media stories back in 2007. The trail has led the reason behind the mystery into obscurity where we glean it is meant to be. Deliberately those in the know lead searches away from where they know The Shining Star resides in safety. A grown up girl very much a medical commodity. That is the concern. Her uniqueness will be exploited. But not in the way that the media portrayed. We sadly see an endless stream of 'samples' and 'data collection' relating to her DNA or lineage. To the common person it will be beyond them why she has been taken in this way. But the ways of 'The Illuminati' and their obsession with bloodlines fits in with this situation. Someone with the rank of 'High Priestess' has the Shining Star in her daily sight ... and daily instruction, sadly. Powerful people know where she is, and know how to keep her location secret. Powerful people that the common every day person will not even perceive exist. Her location is isolated.