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Friday, 10 August 2018

99.75% Of Existence We Are Not Aware Of ....

Here's the thing. If consciousness in its natural state, as what we call SPIRIT, is said to have 100% awareness of existence.

Then consciousness in its limited 5-sensory state as a human SOUL is said to have around 1.5% awareness of existence.

Also, the human SOUL indoctrinated with religion, education, politics, gender etc etc is said to have around 0.25%  awareness of existence ....

Not a lot really. No wonder The Archon gaolers insist on keeping our version of consciousness under such a tight grip. That's 99.75% of existence around us we are not aware of!

When you see the BLACKNESS of space ... just know there is something there. Our limited awareness cannot perceive what is there so it reports back a black space .... rest assured something is there.