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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Chemtrails - The New World Serpent?

Chemtrails, a dastardly phenomenon of the 21 st century, sadly. Go back to photographs of skies in the 1980's and 1990's; there are no skies with the dispersal trails shown left. Funny that, if it is just the contrails of commercial jets, then what's changed in the last 10 -20 years with the engines that's caused contrails to disperse differently and leave these horrendous cloud formations? Easy, because its not the water vapour of normal jet emissions that are causing these abominations. It is deliberate spraying out of chemicals with the pure intention of dispersing them in the atmosphere.

Without any evidence of why ... and what has changed in the last twenty years, to cause the powers that be to create chemtrails, we can only surmise the reason why. We thought at first it was for Agenda 21 reasons ... depopulation of the planet. It still might be. But then recent weather changes have prompted us to think differently.

Ancient Norse myths talk of the Jörmungandr or world serpent; which is a supposed monstrous sea serpent that wrapped itself around the world. We are taught at school about the ozone layer. Evidence has revealed a piece of space junk known as the Black Knight satellite that orbits the earth; that appears like a space craft in a strange orbit. Let us piece all of this together for a moment, and say that what if an ancient civilisation were faced with exactly the same global weather crisis that we are now, back then? And they created some kind of technological veil around the earth to cool it down?

If that's the case, then all NASA eyes on the sun suggests that it is the sun and not mankind that is causing the earth to warm up. Which means the sun has been getting hotter over the last 20 years. Possibly part of a known natural cycle that has happened before. Which means the earth needs some kind of shielding to safeguard it until the sun starts to cool down again. This shield may be the technology we call the ozone layer ....

Perhaps, that is the reason for the chemtrails in the skies above our heads. Maybe the powers that be are trying to create another ozone layer ... and are using toxic heavy metal chemicals and the like to undertake this task; caring not about the effect its all having on the life of this planet. We can only surmise this is the reason ... as it does kind of make sense.