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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Collaborated Insights

Today was an interesting day. A link up with a fellow psychic here in the UK; one who also had an involvement in the Shining Star mystery, heralded some startling collaborative 'evidence'. Almost identical insights, connections and comprehensions of the situation. Ours were made in isolation in New Zealand; resulting in phone taps; mysterious hidden cameras and scanning/bugging devices. The other was here in the UK who also experienced phone taps and strange visitors.

We had both gleaned there were two trails to be followed. Three becoming two; the two being perfect replicas of each other. One trail leading into the heart of the Middle East and the other trail leading to Eire.

The ritual and the training for both; two replicas - one taught the middle eastern ways and the other taught the ways of the Catholic faith. But which one is the real ...? Or the one who associated with the family from which she was taken?

We both had gleaned a return to the limelight when The Shining Star is aged between 14 - 17; around 2019-2020 before the new's story will break. We both tracked the hidden trail from Portugal by large boat towards the Middle East. We followed the trail towards the heart of the catholic faith. We both saw the car with the man and the woman and the little girl. With the little girl being told she was going on another holiday. We both saw the exact same car. We both know the both replicas are very much alive. One replica now living the life of a princess and the other an unknown hidden in a convent. But which one was once part of the family? And what of the original one from which their copied cells were extracted from?

And what of all the young children taken and trafficked; to order so there can be replicas made of them?