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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Favourite's Collection #53

This photograph represents when a number of independent factors come together at one time. I'd been taking photographs of the moon on the Urambi Hills whilst coming down from the summit of the hills. It was then that I spotted a Raven sitting atop one of the 'usual suspect' trees on which I'd taken numerous photographs over the years. I worked out that by wandering off to the right I could capture pictures of the Raven with the Moon out of focus behind it...

The Raven had then flown off, and I was commencing my journey down the hills when this Nankeen Kestrel landed on the same branch on the same tree. I was then able to capture this and other images. However, my intention had been to get both the Kestrel and the Moon in focus at the same time, but could not.