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Friday, 3 August 2018

Google Mars Has Changed ....

Google Mars Circa 2008
I took a trip to Mars via Google Earth Pro last night ... and found its not the same place I used to visit back in the 2007 - 2010 period when I would obtain some awesome images (An example to the right).

It appears the boys and girls at Google or NASA have gone to town and literally obliterated any credible 'snooping' on the satellite imagery there ... !!

It begs the question if they've gone to these extreme measures in the last 10 years to mask and hide the Martian surface WHAT IS THERE? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? The landscape has changed in 10 years. Why? How? It's a lifeless planet remember. Their hiding things from prying eyes; like mine who astutely knew where to go and what to find AND HOW TO EXTRACT THE IMAGERY from the heavily tampered with images on Google Mars. Look at the image on the right ... look closely and you'll see what they are hiding ... shapes that have to be constructed !!! Evidence of a civilisation on Mars!

Life other than out own on Mars ... all the proof is there on the satellite images but their masters need to have it hidden so they can keep up the slavery on this world ... think about it